This pic was taken at a local grocery, apparently this woman is up on some new style that I`m late on. Most of the time when females get their hair done they don’t want to ruin it and expose it to the elements. What about those times that you just want to show some of your hair? Simple solution, go in your hamper or someones clothesline (first find someplace where people still air dry clothes ) and throw on a pair of undies. For dudes like me with long hair this could be the 2010 version of the durag. What do you guys think? Would You Rock It Or Drop It?
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  • symphony

    this woman must have lost her mind… the things we do to keep our hair lookin tight till the end of the week lol

  • SunnyG

    lol this is insane

  • SunnyG

    I just noticed that those are way too small to be hers, who th e hell panty she done stole

  • Carlito Bragonti

    Black Niggas………