Ruby’s Universe!

 |  May 12, 2010


I met Ruby through Ill-Literacy a music and performance collective that fuses elements of funk, hip-hop, spoken word, and interactive theatre for a sound and live experience that draws as much from the rich artistic and political history of its Oakland hometown as it does from the experimental and imaginative inclinations of its current Brooklyn base.   However, the first to turn me on to Ill-Literacy was Paloma.  We met at MIDEM a few years back and stayed connected. She’s my Cali pulse.  She has a dope blog and produces great events/pr called Papa Lo Down

Paloma sent me Ruby Veridiano- Ching’s ‘Miss Universe‘ – a collection of poems and writings a few months back and then I went to hear Ms. Ruby do a reading at some spot in L.E.S.  So she’s super talented. No! She’s SuperWoman. I say that after meeting her within minutes of our conversation. This young woman born in Manilla, Philippines is an activist, a writer, speaker, educator, blogger and Personality.  She’s also a VJ on MYX.

So…now she’s on the campaign trail for Super Woman! Yep- Alicia Key’s Blogger for her site that’s launching! ‘I Am A SuperWoman’. That’s a huge step from her Bay Area/NY outreach and independence.  This puts Ruby on the map world-wide.  I’m very excited for her.  She has until tomorrow- May 13th to get comments and ratings in on her blog entrees to secure her second round of interviewing.  Let’s help Ruby do this! Rate/comment on her blogs here:

Check this video clip!

RUBY Promo from Ruby Veridiano on Vimeo.


“My entire career as a writer and an artist has been devoted to representing a strong female voice that could inspire and uplift women. By offering universal truths, I strive to be the bridge that unites all women together, offering them a space to let their ambitions take flight. Because of this, I know that partnering with Alicia Keys for “I AM A SUPERWOMAN” is the perfect opportunity to unite fellow sheroes across the world”.

This young woman would have all her dreams come true..  Very happy for you Ruby that you even got this far! You are SuperWoman regardless!