Last week I posted a story of Lindsay Lohan being insanely drunk ( maybe high?) stumbling and falling, pics here. In this latest addition Lindsay Lohan is leaving a house party Saturday night when a bag of coke she had hidden in her shoes suddenly explode in front of the paparazzi. I know I shouldn’t be as amused by these pics as I am, but to put things in perspective, celebrities that do insane things like like this must have an amazing team of publicists covering it up.
It gets worse, Friends of Lindsay Lohan have recently come forward to say she’s not going to live without going to rehab, and apparently even the cops have noticed. TMZ reports:

Cops who see Lindsay at her worst — late nights and early mornings when she needs assistance avoiding the paparazzi — tell TMZ they have been concerned about her “erratic behavior” and “attitude,” which have grown progressively worse over the last few months.
We’re told during one of Lindsay’s crazier nights out recently, cops became so concerned they discussed taking her in for a 5150 evaluation. Cops decided against it because she didn’t meet all the criteria for a 5150 — they felt she could still take care of herself, though feebly.

well enjoy these pics: