Kreayshawn Bombs On MTV (Video)

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Kreayshawn AKA Young Kreayshawnti showed up to shoot a live performance for MTV and straight bombed. Seeing as how shes signed to a major (Columbia), you would think that they would try to stop this from coming out but maybe they are on the so bad its good wave. Peep the video to see her lethargic, out of breath and seemingly unrehearsed performance. I think it would be a good time for Kreayshawn to seek the assistance of a vocal coach and choreographer.


  1. Im not buying her at all I heard she went to berkely and she aint even write that bumping shit

  2. u black people are dumb, shes making fun of black culture. Dont you know this bitch has some white name! she calls herself kreayshawn but runs with a whitegirl gang that says nigger. Its all a slap in the face .

  3. The industry now is about who has a image that is marketable. Not about talent. I feel like a 10 year old can recite this. After she goes in the labels machine dont be surprised if she does Drake Or Nicky Numbers.

  4. The adrenaline from a big moment like that make people lose breath more and it can be overwhelming. Give her this tape and some time to practice. If she is real about it she will improve.

  5. This woman's image is not presentable at all. Her voice is terrible (she sounds like a timid white woman), her appearance is terrible (looks like a timid bedazzled white woman), and she can't deliver to save her life (she just keeps doing the same two goddamned hand motions the whole time). Everything about this song is redeemable except for the woman singing it. She's just a hardcore fake. Why do people buy into this?

  6. Her real name is Natassia Zolot. shes fucking russian going around using the N word and making hip hop look like a joke. kick her ass when you see her in the streets.

  7. …Let's see; Snoop Dogg, Drake, Mistah F.A.B., The Cool Kids, Lil' B from The Pack, Odd Future, Soulja Boy, P. Diddy….she apparently talks to Lupe Fiasco on the phone…that's all I remember right now

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