EDITOR:  So I’ve decided to make a series highlighting artists in the hip-hop world that many of you probably have never heard about, yet are incredibly talented and deserve a listen, if not your respect.  This will be an ongoing series and will serve to educate some of you, especially those out there that think the Gucci Mane/Diddy/Rick Ross types are the only examples of hip-hop in it’s current state.  These features will be about expanding your musical horizons and maybe getting a new artist in your ipod’s rotation.

I came across this artist recently and I knew I had to give her some shine.  Invincible is a serious emcee out of Detroit.  I don’t use the term femcee cause I think it’s retarded and sexist.  You can either spit or you can’t, regardless of sex/race/whatever, and Invincible can spit.

Invincible just wrapped up some serious shows at the SXSW festival this year, and was hailed by critics and fans as one of the best hip-hop acts of the festival.  She just dropped a new album “ShapeShifters” and a dope video for her new single “Sledgehammer.”  Invincible has a serious bio that I’m not even going to try and get into but she was courted a long time ago by many different labels when another Detroit emcee exploded on the rap scene.  However she was described as being ‘every A&R’s worst nightmare’ according to XXL because she refused to give up creative control and all her publishing.  How dare she?!?!

Check the video and check out her other music not just because it’s dope, but because it’s a true testament to the spirit of hip-hop.

  • TalkSick

    not feelin this backpack ish. I'd bump Rick Ross way before this wack a$$ ish..

  • State

    To each his own. Just trying to expand peoples horizons.

  • http://twitter.com/iHipHop iHipHop

    She has always been dope. But what is taking her so long? She has been in the making for so long. To each her own but I really expected her to be more prolific as an indie artist. On a positive note, there is something to be said about her sticking with it all these years.