First off, don’t let this guy Mike Stylezz tell you he doesn’t f*ck with MediaTakeOut.  He is pretty much their core demographic.  Like the dude can’t get enough of cakes and basic b*tches.  If you are a reality tv chick and you have a fat a$$ Stylezz thinks you are awesome.  Simple as that.

However I just watched this interview with the dude who owns that smut peddling outlet, and it’s looking like your boy Mike Stylezz may be out swagging him.  Pretty sure this guy Fred Mwangaguhunga can’t compete with Mike’s sunglasses collection or his Jersey Shore reference game.

Plus is Fred Mwangaguhunga ready for wife beater season?

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  • Moguapage

    lol this nicca needs his own show . Stylezz and company and shit

  • Mike_Stylezz_The_Blog_Wonder

    I was actually thinking about my own show, I can see the intro now  “The skyline reaches out to greet him…. the fur
    of countless innocent animals clings to his shoulders.. he is a man…a
    legend…MIKE STYLEZZ.” Lol honestly though I fuck with Mediatakeout, although they have exaggerated stories they bring us things like Amber Rose/Cassie/Rihanna nudes first so they definitely have that lane on smash. As for this guys swag, I cant hate on him when I get into the 30 to 55 year old age range I might be dressing and acting like that too.

  • JamM

    lmao I cant even I watched the first 10 seconds of that fred video and when I saw how much or a derf he was I had to stop. Is he really talking about the most exciting mediatake out post lml lol

  • Teddy

    The black jersey shore, why the fuck would I care now?