|  January 6, 2009

tip nye

TI looks to be in a lil hot water over some unpaid lawyers fees. The rapper who was embroiled in a child support battle with the mother of his two older sons is behind $8,000 on the fees which the courts ruled he should pay after an increase in child support was denied. So now failing to pay these bills which he had agreed to is landing him back in the dock again which is a lil stupid when he could have just paid the $8,000 and been done with it.
Also its worth pointing out that had he lost the case he might have had to cough up a whole load more than 8 stacks he was expected to pay lawyers as his baby momma seems to be a lil on the greedy side. Tip you should have just cut your losses there and then.
TI was also in the middle of some scam in Miami when party goers had paid up to $10,000 for poolside tables to see him perform when he actually performed inside, leaving lots of people a lil pissed to say the least. Damn for $10,000 I would have expected a table dance anyway.