For “Crime Wave” Part 1 go here.  They don’t really seem to be following a plot line, but whatever.  This “Stretch” track is probably my favorite off Before I Self Destruct.  Check out Serge’s review here.



  • aaron_44

    50 cent will going to have a long way on this self destruct album. i can’t wait to have it on itunes.

  • andersonharriet

    that’s a sexy babe over there haha. 50 cent have done great on this and i guess this is a success!

  • moria00

    love 50 cent much but i don’t think if this will get him going. i will still have to see the part 1.

  • lisa`lisa

    almost all of his hip hop songs are great and i am sure the album self destruct will be a hit too.

  • jenm

    i thought this album was not promising and that it will be a fell for 50 cent but what i saw was great and i am looking forward to purchase this one.