The only way to describe Kanye West’s taste in music and fashion is ‘decadent.’  Yeezy has gone above-and-beyond to premiere “New Slaves,” the first leak from his forthcoming album, by preparing a set of visuals to accompany the song as it’s projected on 66 buildings across the globe this weekend.

Kanye, who had previously made reference to what many speculate to be a June 18th release date for his still untitled album via Twitter, once again returned to the social network last night to boast about the extravagant premier of “New Slaves.”  His official website allows visitors to see exactly where and when the projections will occur across the world.


With premieres occurring in Chicago, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Toronto on Friday evening, videos of the  various audio-visual projections have already begun to surface on the web.  You can check out a few of these videos below.

Earlier this month, Kanye appeared at the Met Gala where he previewed a song entitled “I Am God” and was more recently seen at Roseland Ballroom where he previewed a song dubbed “Awesome” before going on a rant about being a celebrity.


Update: Kanye appeared on SNL on Saturday and performed “New Slaves” as well as a new track entitled “Blck Skn Head”.  Kim Kardashian then took to Instagram to post an image that appears to album art to Kanye’s forthcoming album bearing the name “Yeezus.”  Check out the videos and image below.