It appears Kanye is going back to his early soulful sound for his upcoming sixth solo album.

In a new interview with MTV, Rsnonist of the famed New York production duo, The Heatmakerz, has revealed that Mr. West has indeed reached out to him for production on his upcoming project.

“I got a record on Kanye’s new project that I guess he’s been working on for a minute now,” says Rsnoist. “Anybody that’s familiar with Heatmakerz, it’s old-school, epic Heatmakerz, like soul music at its best. Kanye reached out to us because he wanted that old Heatmakerz sound.”

For those previously unfamiliar with The Heatmakerz, they are responsible for defining the sped-up soul sample sound of the mid-2000s, very reminiscent of early Kanye productions such as “Lucifer,” “Heart Of The City” and “This Can’t Be Life.”