Video: Suede Jury A Capella Freestyle

 |  September 22, 2013

Suede Jury from FLUFFY HEADS on Vimeo.

The Brooklyn ambassador shows his dexterity Acapulco style. If you haven’t checked his work yet, you’re missing. When he was sixteen, he painted his first Sistine Chapel in a verse. He’s got a history with these bars.

  • waitleyson

    Such talent! I have been a fan since a friend let me listen to Chuck Sings The Bushwiccan Blues, and with every song, he gets better and better

  • Remedios

    You should see him live in Brooklyn. He is dabomb!

  • OutofSpace

    Fell in love with Suede Jury in his collab with Fresh Daily. You simply can’t get better than that!

  • Globe

    Damn. That is the coolest!

  • DNA

    Suede Jury is just so different! Not the same old same old type of sh%t you see!

  • replenish

    I agree! I’ve never seen a rap video without having a bunch of thugz smoking weed, drinking and middle fingers!

  • Wronguns
  • Fishbin

    I’d like to get an interview of Suede Jury for my blog.

  • Wickd!

    Plain wicked!