When Did French Montana Get Good?

 |  September 9, 2011


French Montana has been in the game for a minute.  I first knew him as the Cocaine City DVD guy who managed to force himself on some Max B records.  Initially I was just bummed there was another sh*tty rapper on the scene.  Plus he even managed to get one of those “I’ll let you drive my Bentley when you are in Miami” record deals with Akon.  You know how things like that tend to validate a rapper and leave them content with medicracy. Then I started to notice some things…

French managed to make a cool song with Jadakiss even if he was completly leasing Billy Joel’s swag.  He was also making nifty mixtapes about Mac and Cheese and what not.  French ain’t dumb.  He learned something from surfing Max B’s wave.  That was to surf as many people’s waves as possible!  Do the song with Curren$yDo the song with Wiz Khalifa & Rick RossDo an album with Waka Flocka.  To the point that one day a rap nerd wakes up and realizes he just wants to listen to French Montana by himself.  And he asks himself….when did French Montana get good?

Sidebar: Coincidence that this guy got good at rapping and that he has chicks double deep throating water bottles in his videos?  I think not!