Yeezy Pulls A Yeezy

 |  November 24, 2010

So Kanye performed at the Bowery ballroom last night in NYC.  Of course he had to go on a rant at the end of the show.  Kanye the album is fire.  You have hella moments of genius.  However after all the success it might be time to fall back.  Go kick it in Stockholm or Milan or something for a couple of months and relax.  You deserve it.

Below is a video of the rant, and the text of what he said below that (via Miss Info).



  • “To come back and do 100k the first day, digital alone, to be slated to do 600k first week, I don’t talk about the numbers but what that number says is that the people want me to keep making music…but I ain’t here to do no mf-in politics, Im’ here to make music. I’m not here to talk in no interviews, nobody asking me no stupid ass questions. We had such a great win. Matt Lauer is a not a bad guy, I’m sure….But if you’re a child that’s being abused by your parent, or you’re a girl that’s being abused by your man, the greatest win you can ever have, is for that person to hit you in public! You see?! You see, I told you!!….””there was no way for me to justify the way people judged me. When you do things like what happened last year its disrespectful to everyone who’s creative! It’s a smack in the face of everyone who tries to do something real. If I wasnt drunk I woulda been on stage longer!! Like, am I the only one who’s not crazy here?!!! Are you fucking kidding me?? And then they run with it. And don’t call me and tell me what I should do. I’m my own man!! Sometimes you scream on a n-a…my bad.”

    “Everyone wants to villainize people, even if you take the concept of George Bush. There’s no leader in history that has been villainized in that way, and didn’t get killed at war or commit suicide. So anyone that lives thru it deserves one moment of redemption. (light boos) None are without flaw. The shit that people write on blogs is a reflection of what they feel about themselves….that they want to project through the people who are on TV! And now we are a mere surfaces of the energy that they are projecting on us!….”

    “Everyone needs a villain, don’t we? We need to blame someone. And for me to be considered a racist for stating a blatant truth, an obvious truth….but the nuances of my words because I am very particular with my words, and the emotion that I felt at that time wasn’t worded exactly right. But everybody came and said, ‘oh my god!’ I’m talking about 5 years ago, I’m not talking about a year ago. I’m talking about Katrina. And everybody said ‘oh my god, Kanye, I love you so much. I hated you until you said that. Now you’re speaking for me. I always thought you were an asshole but now you said something that represents me.’ And the whole time I’m thinking, that’s not exactly what I wanted to say. I was emotional. That’s not exactly how I wanted to word it. But I rode it, I rode it, just as Taylor [Swift] never came to my defense in any interview, and rode the wave and rode it, and rode it. That’s the way I rode the wave of the Bush comment. It’s not about popular opinion, it’s about when you look in your heart and know what’s right and what’s wrong…”

    “When you look in your heart, look at what the media did. Look at how they exploited [Bush]. They said that he said, it was his lowest moment. And America, we took that as a fact. When you look at that interview, he said it was one of his lowest moments. And he said it about 10 different things. But because of the popularity of me, they exploited that…to make you watch the interview, and make you feel that he was stupider than ever to think that a rapper comment could be his lowest moment. That’s not what he f-king said! That’s not what he said! He said it’s one of his lowest moments. But it shows you the way they try to villain-ize! Everything would have been okay, if they didn’t play the audio that day….none the wiser, none the wiser! They played the audio, they fucked up in front of everybody. They fucked up big time. If you a real artist, have no fear! Say what you want, do what you want, make what you want. If its meant to be, the people will stand up, like they stood up for me, 600-thousand, after being the most hated person this time last year!….”

  • Yungdallasissoraw

    he's talking about people like you, son he wants to speak his mind like you (bloggers) so you relax for a couple of months nigga.

  • Porter

    Finally, he got at Taylor Swift. She owe's her career to YE. Classic Album.

  • Porter

    Everything he said is true though, so why should the most honest artist go away.


    kanyes the wackest shit out. he needs to stfu and stay in the engineering room making beats