13 Year-Old Jaden Smith Is Stuntin On You!

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The Smith family is #winning!  Jaden Smith in the past year has been a sum of $900,000 for his remake on the classic 1984 film, “Karate Kid.” The year before, 2009, he made a total of $100,000. According to NecoleBitchie, since then, “Karate Kid” has made $150 million which could make Jaden eligible for a 2 million dollar bonus according to a contract he had signed before. Wow!

Jaden Smith is definitely a product of serious success because Will Smith and his lovely Jada have been racking it up with the money. Their career move to production with Will’s company Overbrook Entertainment has done some good things for their bank accounts. Especially with the success of these films:  “Hitch,” “I Am Legend,” “Ali” and “The Pursuit Of Happyness”, Overbrook is definitely fruitful. Will Smith is also working on the third installment of “Men In Black,” as he continues to make dough off of his very successful films like Independence Day.

It’s a good day to be a Smith! Jaden used to be considered the “poorest” in his family, but now the title might go to his musical sister, Willow Smith. It’s ironic at such a young age that Jaden is doing better than some rappers.