2 Chainz Postpone Restaurant Re-opening; Opts To Help Homeless

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Salute, king.

During these unprecedented times, every little bit helps. The human species is under attack, forcing us to all put aside petty grievances and band together for the greater goal of restoring normalcy. Recently, 2 Chainz revealed how he’s heeding this call-to-action by donating to the homeless. 

Living in Georgia shines an acute light on this pandemic, as the governor announced that he’ll be re-opening the state to bolster the economy — despite serious concerns about public safety, and the ensuing backlash from fellow politicians. Even though some local businesses are following suit, 2 Chainz — along with Killer Mike, regarding his S.W.A.G. barbershops — will continue keeping the doors closed to his Escobar Restaurant; instead, he will be donating to the homeless.

In an Instagram video posted Monday (April 27th), the TRU rapper captioned his post with, “Instead of opening Escobar Restaurant up today we decided to feed the homeless.” The video shows 2 Chainz walking in front of a closed-down storefront.

Considering the virus’ insidious nature and our loose (to put it lightly) handle on it, Georgia’s decision to re-open the economy is as myopic as it is potentially devastating. Luckily, business owners, like 2 Chainz, know that right now, it’s not about boosting a bottom line — it’s about helping those suffering. It’s about banding together as humans to defeat COVID-19 once and for all.

Salute to guys like 2 Chainz and Killer Mike.