30-Minute Young Thug Track, “Thug N 30,” Leaked

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And it’s quite excellent.

Young Thug is a known voluminous music purveyor. Following in the footsteps of mentors like Gucci Mane, the dynamic artist is a prime manifestation of his Atlanta hometown’s fervent work ethic. Luckily for fans, that tenacious recording mentality has lead to a spillover, manifesting itself in a leaked 30-minute track, ““Thug N 30.”  

Featuring Hi Doraah, Thug’s sister, “Thug N 30” was released yesterday, and was initially hinted at back in 2016 with snippets under the name “Wanna Meet.” The track also briefly features Thug’s fiancée, Jerrika Karlae, who the song is primarily about; it is produced by Supah Mario.

With so much recorded music, it’s no surprise that fans are only privy to a small percentage of an artist’s complete catalogue; the unreleased far outweighs the official drops. And while the final products are great, polished versions, the stashed recordings can have a raw finish that captures an artist’s true essence, uninhibited by external voices and pressures — such as is the case here.

On “Thug N 30,” we witness a fluid Jeffery, seamlessly blending his varying vocal styles to create a textured offering that commands the listener’s attention. He sings; he raps; he gurgles his words; he speaks lucidly; above all, he succeeds. It’s Thug in his best form: unencumbered, free to explore his bountiful talent — for 30-minutes straight.

Listen to “Thug N 30” below: