40/40 Problems , Jay Z Pissed Off

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40/40 Problems

      Ok so a waitress is saying she is being let go from Jay Z\’s Manhattan sports bar because she is pregnant. Word on the street is that home girl is pregnant with a child that may cause embarrassment for someone pretty high up in the club. Now I am not sure how true this might be..but whatever goddamn women gotta support their kids more than ever nowadays so let her work until she decides it is time to give it up.

Jay Z Pissed Off

      Did y\’all know Jay Z had hoped to play the role of Frank Lucas in American Gangsta..yeah the role that was played by Denzel Washington…I mean I love Jay and all that, but on the real..is he worthy of a role like that? I didn\’t even know Jay was even into acting like that…hmmm State Property, Training Day…damn Denzel really had competition.


  1. I think Jay is protecting himself by letting go of the pregnant lady. If something happens to her while at work I am sure should would be quick to sue him for any damages. Now-a-days celebraties have to protect themselves from potential blood-sucking money hungry individuals waiting for a quick payoff.

  2. On tha Real the forty forty isn’t really a spot for pregnant chicks. I mean the flat screens and furniture are upscale, but cats light up they J&R’s up there and do the damn thing. Besides killin the vibe she taking of the chance of producing a 2 toed baby

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