50 Cent Begs XXL to Pull “Black Hand” Story from the November Issue

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By: Rizoh

      50 Cent (real name Curtis Jackson) recently urged XXL magazine to pull a feature on his former manager, Chaz "Slim" Williams, founder of Black Hand Entertainment, according to Radar.

     Though the story ended up going to print as scheduled in the November issue, Williams claims the incident is proof that 50 has fabricated large chunks of his crack-slinging, gun-toting biography. "I’m one of the individuals that really knows the truth about him," Williams said to Radar. "So I would imagine he wouldn’t want his credibility tested. I guess he just didn’t want to face the truth."

     The article on Williams was designed as a response to a cover story on 50 in the September issue of XXL, where the rapper claimed he came strapped to a peace talk with rivals from Murder Inc., and suggested that Williams had foreknowledge of a previous attempt on his life. When 50 Cent learned of the follow-up story, he called XXL editor in chief Elliot Wilson and demanded the story be scratched, according to Williams, saying Interscope Records would pull its ads otherwise.

     Williams says he was contacted by someone at the magazine wondering "if there was an alternative they could use, like maybe put the story on the Internet," he recalls. "I said, ‘I need the same platform he has. I can’t keep having him come up and say things that aren’t true." Williams also claims that 50 had embellished his past with lies. "He knew I had the truth about what happened back then, and if you’re lying about the past, why would we believe what you have to say today?"



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