50 Cent Explains Olivia’s Departure From G-Unit

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     On Hot 97 with  Angie Martinez 50 spoke a little about singer Olivia’s departure from the label.

     50 explained that Missy got into the way with Olivia’s project and caused problems, and then things never worked out. "She went to work with Missy and it got kinda crazy like," 50 Cent said with a smirk. "It got crazy because Missy was trying to own her a little bit… I think Missy hit that."

      50 further explained  some of the sacrifices he made for the singer.

      "I feel like even down to the ‘I’ll Whip Your Head Boy’ on the ‘Get Rich Or Die Tryin” soundtrack, I went into a different direction because I was trying to save the Olivia project," he explained. "I went for ‘Best Friend’ and had [Olivia] create a remix to it, and played that version and shot a video for it, when ‘I’ll Whip Your Head Boy’ was already going. In the club, that was their choice.

     "I’m like ‘I’m a million in on this project, so let me get this off, and right after you come off ‘Best Friend’, you can drop your single and we can just go from there," 50 continued.

      However, the formula didn’t work, as everyone already knows. Today, he questions the decision he made, admitting he may take Jay-Z approach to helping fellow artists next time.

      "I made so many sacrifices based on people I brought around. I need to take a page outta Jay’z book because he don’t compromise himself at all for them," said 50.

      According to 50, he and Olivia haven’t spoken since she left the label.



  1. 50 is a comedian… He always has something funny to say. ” I think she hit that.” That boy off the chain. Love him or hate him the punk speaks his mind and you gotta respect that!

  2. aint no doubt in The Veigh`s mind Mister Elliot hit dat ass,one thing Five O dont do is bite his tongue,NYPD even said his word is bond!

  3. i wreckon he needed a permamnent hoe on tour, so he kept her around while he was busy, nd now he’s slowing down a lil piece he’s got time to get mo hoes.

  4. i wreckon he needed a permamnent hoe on tour, so he kept her around while he was busy, nd now he's slowing down a lil piece he's got time to get mo hoes.

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