50 Cent Shuts Lil Kim Down

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Last Month Lil Kim came out on stage during the announcement of the G-Unit/Shawty Lo deal. After performing she was quoted as saying “It’s All About the Benjamins.” “If ya’ll don’t know, this my boy right here. G-Unit South, that’s where it’s at,” She also made it seem like she was down with G unit too by saying “And I’m family too, down with the G-Unit camp. We got surprises for ya’ll.”

Well 50 Cent spoke to HeadKrack and cleared up the whole thing, “She’s not actually signed to G-Unit,” 50 explained in the interview. “We didn’t even have discussions about that. I heard it, I heard people say it too. It was just like, there was no reason to give confirmation for something that didn’t actually happen at all.”

Now this isnt the first time I heard someone claim G-Unit and it was later dismissed. It makes me wonder if 50 Cent just gasses these artist up or whats going on over there? It could be that Lil Kim is just nuts…Yeah I`ll go with that one.