50 Cent: “There’s No One In Hip Hop That Has The Ability To Do What I Do”

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Standing on the set of the video for Jeremih’s Down On Me,” 50 Cent praised the vocalist and took credit for his recent success.  Curtis told MTV that Jeremih has a great voice and went on to say Joe (“Still Not a Player“) is one of his favorite singers of all time and that he’s been working with him as of late.  He said that making a cameo in Keenan Cahill’s latest YouTube video contributed to the success of “Down On Me.”  In his usual form, 50 proclaimed, “I’m working, and Def Jam was sleeping.  Then you see [‘Down On Me’] jump from number 25 to number 6 on iTunes.”  Jeremih seemed to agree with this, and the only remarked that his video has “a lot of sexy ladies, [who] kept it real classy, real wet.”


When asked about his involvement in Lloyd Banks’ upcoming album, 50 Cent said, “this is his independence day, you know what I’m saying? Not just selling the CD independently because he’s operating on my pocket, so it’s not a traditional budget.’  He went on to say that he’s stayed away from the project so people would identify more with Lloyd.


Moving on to his solo work, 50 said that he embraces the hate and that unlike a lot of artists that speculate on how they’re record will be received by the public, he hopes a lot of people “get sick“; that’s how he knows he’s back on top.  “It doesn’t make sense to make a record that’s not a number one record” remarked Curtis Jackson before hinting that a song produced by Kanye may be in the works.  He went on to say Swizz Beatz, The Cataracs, Boi-1da,Alex Da Kid, Dr. Dre and Polow Da Don are featured on his forthcoming album.   He then joked, “this may be my ‘Detox’ album; it may take ten years…I’m going to write ’til I feel like I have something perfect.”  He acknowledged that his third album Curtis wasn’t well received, but noted that it had the number one hit “Ayo Technology,” along with “I Get Money,” so he doesn’t understand what people were complaining about.  He ended his interview by declaring that he will always remain on top because “there’s no one in Hip Hop that has the ability to do what I do.”