50 Cent Thinks His Acting Career’s About To Take Off

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50 Cent’s film career has been less than illustrious.  His first and only breakthrough role came when he played himself in the 2005 semi-biopic Get Rick Or Die Trying.  Since then, all of his films have either bombed or went straight to DVD, with the exception of ones where he makes brief cameos; but this hasn’t stopped Curtis from attempting to legitimize himself as an actor.

Sitting down with NBC’s Peter Bailey, Fiddy said, “I had a really blessed situation.  I’ve been able to work with the likes of Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino in ‘Righteous Kill.’  I worked with Samuel L. Jackson and Jessica Biel in ‘Home of the Brave…it feels like I’m just going up”  (note: Righteous Kill was one of the worst received films of 2008). 50 Cent continued his self-promoting motivational speaking by touching on his upcoming film, Things Fall Apart.  Most people know of the movie due to Curtis’ weight-loss for the role.  The film, which was co-written by the rapper and directed by Mario Van Peebles, centers on a college football player who is stricken with cancer. “It’s the first time I’ve been in a family drama,” noted 50. “If you’re going to act, you have to be something that’s outside of what’s comfortable for you.”  I can totally relate because 50 Cent’s acting makes me very uncomfortable.


Here’s a trailer for Things Fall Apart.


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