50 Cent’s G-Unit Clothing Splits From Parent Company, But He Denies Split With Young Buck

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      50 Cent’s clothing company, G-Unit Clothing, has officially severed ties with its parent company, Marc Ecko Enterprises, it was announced Friday (February 8).  Staffers at G-Unit Clothing were notified  this morning that they would be let go.

      Earlier this week, hip-hop news maven Miss Info reported on her Web site that 50 would likely retain complete ownership of the brand and attempt to relaunch the line with another manufacturer.

      In other 50 news … Curtis appeared on DJ Kay Slay’s satellite-radio show to refute claims he was kicking Young Buck out of the crew.

50 dismissed the incidents as pure coincidence.

"During the international tour, Buck was scheduled to go on the Young Rich Tour, that was the tour [his manager] Sha Money [XL] was putting together for him and Rich Boy," 50 told Kay Slay. "I didn’t know that didn’t materialize while I was overseas, but that’s why you didn’t see Buck overseas with us. And he was just in Nashville while I was in New York the weekend we decided to put the tape together.

"It just looks crazy because he wasn’t there, then you come back and see the tape and he [isn’t on it], but it’s not what people think it is," 50 added.




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