8 Questions With iHipHop: Nothing Was The Same

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Dan: Wayne was notably absent on this album and NWTS is the first Drake project without Weezy since Room For Improvement. Is Wayne’s absence more of a reflection of Drake outgrowing the Young Money brand or Wayne and Drake drifting apart?

Drew: I think this is a combination of those two factors. Wayne has admitted, in not so many words, that he’s lost his way artistically, and might be struggling to find footing with such a major artist from his camp essentially capturing the entire popular imagination in the way he once did. The one thing I think Wayne has to his advantage is that he seems to want to mature, but hasn’t completely reformed his life enough to test that in his music or his process. As you said, Drake is intelligent, and he know which relationships benefit him (see: all his Jay Z references lately) and which don’t (see: anything Kendrick). I trust he will make the move he needs to if YMCMB no longer provides him with the support he needs to grow from this point forward.


  1. I think that he’s going after Kendrick. All these talk about Kendrick’s Control verse got him pretty riled up. I am sure Drake won’t be able to resist fighting back.

  2. No? Calling Drake’s music “great” is my opinion. Why, in your opinion, is that not an accurate assessment?

  3. Drake is a user, once he found that Wayne no longer serves his s4it, he moves on to find another to leech from.

  4. not here to argue. it’s just that i would have expected you would be calling it as it is. drake would be good, and i am being generous with that. but in light of other songs and albums coming out, some without a major label backing, it makes you think twice. not a drake hater, really, i’ve enjoyed drizzy’s songs.

  5. Not arguing, just debating. That’s what this forum is for. All debates are welcome and strongly encouraged.

    While yeah there is a lot of good independent hip-hop out there, not sure what that has to do with Drake.

  6. 40 should really expand his horizons. Drake knows he’s got a good thing going there and he’s gonna keep 40 for as long as he could.

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