8Ball Leaves MJG for a Rookie

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      Memphis duo 8Ball and MJG released an album earlier this year, but it looks like 8Ball was anxious to drop another one. The veteran emcee has announced that he’s hooked up with up and coming emcee Devius to release the album, “The Rookie and the Vet,” on October 9 through his own 8Ways Entertainment.

      “His style, his delivery and his voice, they remind me of a young me,” 8Ball said of Devius.  “That’s what I hear on every song we do. So, when we come together, it’s easy. We work the same. It was easy because we have a chemistry.”

      The album was entirely produced by Montana Trax, known for his work on 8Ball’s “Light Up The Bomb” compilation in 2006. There are also hardly any guests on the album, just 8Ball and Devius lighting up the mic.

      “Out of everybody that’s been in the game for years and years, I’m the only person to do an album with 8Ball other than MJG,” Devius said. “That says a whole lot for me. It throws me for a loop every time I think about it.”

Here’s the album’s track listing:


Pass The Rock

Street Dreams

Er’Body Kno’ Me

Jus Ridin’

Boom Baboom

Ice Cream

Beat tha Breaks

Never Fold

Money Machine

Hustle Hard

M-Gang da Sh*t (Kno’ Dat)




  1. This BETTER not be permanent, because it ain’t no 8Ball & MJG without MJG. It’s kinda like what would happened if Kid & Play would have stopped kicking it. “Don’t do it, reconsider, read some liter-ture….”

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