A Guide To Chief Keef Concerts, By Pissed Parents

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all sales final. that’s that sh*t i don’t like.
in all seriousness though, i’m here to express my deep disappointment and utter shock at the incidents that have taken place these past few months. one of hip-hop’s esteemed live performance artists, chief keef, has repeatedly failed to live up to his top billing at shows across the country. if it were any other average musician, i’d be perhaps less dismayed by the overt delinquency and absenteeism. but frankly where it concerns chief keef, i’ve come to expect a helluva lot more.

a mere grunt from this prodigy’s mouth is a triumph of the form, an instant hit and a reason to continue endorsing the genre.
what keef has done for hip-hop, if i deign to count the innumerable contributions, is critical to its longevity. so when scathing reports surfaced from upstanding, responsible parents — the kind who would bring their children to a chief keef concert — that rap music’s peerless ambassador had loused up his obligations, i felt compelled to speak out on behalf of all that’s decent and credible. chief keef, to be fair, is preoccupied with elevating the culture and so it behooves me, as a similarly noble man, to speak in his stead. lord knows i will fall short of his eloquence, and i can only pray that no great injustice is done by the certain inadequacy of my words.
rather than muck it up with verbosity, i’ve chosen some reactions from the finest internet sources to give solace to the aggrieved guardians in question. proceed carefully if you must, as many of these accounts will be harsh to sensitive eyes and ears.

In the end, we never saw the headliner because some of the people with the performers got in a fight on stage. The police had to escort everyone out of the building. I paid to see a performer who couldn’t even make it on stage to perform for his fans. It was pathetic that the performers caused the fight that ended the concert. You would think they would be a little more concerned about their fans who paid good money to see them. I will not be attending another one of his concerts ever again. Frankly, I think I deserve a refund.
anonymous of davenport, iowa



Chief Keef never showed up while I was there! I still am very upset that I did not get to see who I payed for. It was a complete Inconvenience of my time.
anonymous of columbus, ohio



Completely unprofessional on Chief Keef’s part.
anonymous #2 of columbus, ohio



I took my teens to this concert. They were so excited and looking forward to it for quite sometime. Not to mention I paid $157 to see chief keef just for them. This was their first concert and what an absolute disappointment! We got there at 7…got into the door at 8…was told he was to start @ 10. Bottom line we finally left at 12:30 am and still never saw him perform. My kids were so upset and shame on him for not performing until 1am for a whopping 20 mins if that!
anonymous #3 of columbus, ohio


but there was a silver lining to be found in one fan’s experience:

there were at least 5-6 openers before king louie and lil duck, but right when chief keef got to the stage a fight broke out on the stage! one fight turned into two fights and so on… but even though the rest of the concert got cancelled and i didnt even get to hear chief keef, it was still a good time and very suspenseful
anonymous #4 of davenport, iowa