A Rap Nerd Goes To Toronto & Reviews OVO Fest

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I’m a rap blogger.  Not a travel writer.  But this past weekend I went to Toronto.  Kind of to go to Drake’s OVO fest.  Mainly to get the f*ck out of NYC, and kick it somewhere else for once.  Everyone has been telling me T. Dot is popping so I went.  Here are some of a rap nerds observation of Toronto, Canada.  Granted I was there for 3 days so take my commentary as random observations not facts.

-Fly Porter Airlines.  They literally fly into the middle of the city, which is crazy in itself.  Lowkey getting in and out which is a rarity of an experience flying in 2011.

-Toronto is is socialist city.  This has it’s ups and downs.  The ups?  The city is clean as hell.  Really can not stress this point.  Everything is just nice and tidy.  However where there is socialism there are heavy taxes on the luxuries of life.  Things are going to be more expensive.  The public transit was kind of whatever whatever for what it cost and cabs start off at $4.00 just for getting in one.  I guess my point is that the city is kind of spread out compared to NYC.  You can’t just go out for the night and walk everywhere.  Gotta pay to get around.  I guess that’s how it works most places though…

-While things like beer and cabs may be expensive, weed is super cheap and delicious.  Honestly the Canadians have it all figured out in that regard.  8 grams of super heady kush for $80?  That can’t be beat.  Especially compared to NYC weed prices which are horrific.  Also it was the first time I had every bought weed from someone who asked me about the current economic status of the United States.  Dude legitimately wanted answers on America’s financial problems.  Like come on bruh bruh, I’m just trying to get lit over here.  That being said my banter on America’s financial woes was pretty official tissue if I do say so myself, and MSNBC may want to holler at me.  Only downside to the the weed game is they don’t have dutches and I’m ashamed to say I ended up smoking some chocolate Phillies that cost me $2 bucks a piece.  #NoSwag!

Sidebar:  In case you wanted to know you can bring 40 cigars for personal use through Canadian customs.  #NowIKnow

-Toronto girls have fat a$$es and still think Coach bags are cool.

-The shopping was pretty Gucci Pucci.  I was mainly around Queen street area, but there were mad funky independent retail stores.  Really good vintage sh*t for bums like me who like designer clothes without designer prices.  Stocked up on some dope Ralph Lauren button downs for about $15 a pop.

Poutine is what’s poppin.  Just cheese fries with gravy and maybe some pulled pork on top? Goes great with that Canadian Kush.

-People drink a lot of beer there.  Even out at the club and sh*t.  I f*ck with that wave.

-Toronto is a modern city.  Especially the architecture considering all I saw were brand new buildings or buildings in the process of being built.  It’s also modern in the sense that the community really utilize things like twitter/social media to interact.  My homie Joel would figure out mad sh*t by just cruising various Toronto based twitter hash tags.  I am all about #YoungBoySwag.

-If you have the opportunity to go to Toronto you should.

My Reaction To OVO Fest

I gotta be real.  I don’t really f*ck with rap shows.  Don’t get it twisted.  I pretty much exclusively listen to rap music.  That being said I grew up going to a lot of rock concerts and rock music tends to sh*t on rap in the performance department.  After seeing The Who live I can’t sit here and pretend watching Rick Ross spit 15% of his lyrics over his own song is impressive.  Gunna bullet my perspective on individual artist performances.

The Weeknd– This guy really needs to work on his presence live.  Show was kind of boring.  To his defense it was his second show ever, and it was in front of an arena of people (the acoustics at the venue were not great in general).  One thing I will say is that the people were excited to see him.  Plus I don’t know if it was just my section but really hot girls seemed to be going especially wild.  Which is a good look.  Guy pretty much makes music about doing drugs and banging out the #SlutWave.  So you already know what those hot girls that love him are down to do.  Made me realize that if a girl says she is obsessed with The Weeknd it might be worth just bringing her to the bathroom and whipping my d*ck out.  Might need some coke too now that I think about.  In unrelated news I am still single.

Rick Ross–  Rick Ross sucks live.  I’m sorry.  Huge fan of Rick Ross music, and his persona.  However dude doesn’t perform as much as the DJ plays his records and he chooses when he feels like rapping along.  Good time to walk to the lawn section, smoke some dope, and repeatedly yell “Whoop!”.  That being said he made a nifty viral video as he always manages to do.



Nas– Nas kind of killed it.  Got a great reaction from the people.  And this comes from someone who doesn’t want to say anything good about what Nas is doing in 2011.

J. Cole– He came out to do “In The Morning” and the people went wild.  Performance was cool.

Stevie Wonder– It’s funny.  You think Stevie Wonder being at OVO fest would be a big deal.  Apparently Drizzy and Stevie have been working together, so Stevie showed up and jammed out.  The problem is that you had a bunch of Drake & Rick Ross fans in the building.  In reality these people don’t know sh*t about Stevie Wonder.  They know every grunt on a Rick Ross song, but don’t know the words to Stevie Wonder songs.  It is what it is….

Lil Wayne:  Too be honest I was pretty hammered by the time Weezy came out, but he was potentially the best performer.  Definitely had the most energy.  Or maybe I was just drunk.



Drake: Drake was cool.  I don’t really have fancy words for what he did.  He did what he was supposed to do.  Simple as that.

The important thing that I got out of this show is that Toronto really f*cks with Drake, and his whole movement.  I saw it everywhere in the city.  Not just at OVO Fest.  I saw it in peoples excitement when they discussed him and I heard it in all the cars driving by.  People in Toronto seem to just do them in general.  They don’t seem to be hyped on other cities as much as they are hyped on themselves.  I can’t be mad at that…

Be sure to scope some pics of the show at AllThingsFresh.


  1. “Toronto is is socialist city”

    lol How does that even relate to the city of Toronto? I've been to Toronto and i don't understand what makes it “socialist”. I've read the entire page and you don't really substantiate on that opinion.

  2. toronto is hype, you want to go out club shit shit, sexy woman, some amazing weed, and where poutine is invented, go to montreal, ask any toronto person or anyone in canada, and some states people who knw canada, montreal sin city of canada, HYPEE!!!!

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