A YMCMB “Hot Summer”?

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Birdman would have someone in his crew entitle a document “YMCMB A Hot Summer” with his label’s releases so that they could print it out and he could hand it to people.  Ingenious move.

That’s why Birdman gets $100 Million dollar checks, and suckers like me sit here blogging about him.  Birdman- 1.  Me-0.

So Bow Wow is on the label.  Those G. Malone and Brisco albums are the biggest question marks to me.  I never thought they were going to actually get put out.  Also nothing say soo-woo like that back to back week of Lil Twist to DJ Khaled.  Spotted at RR.




  1. He might make good bank, but he isnt bringing in the Hov money. As midget moley said “Fake it till you make it.”

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