Akon Not Getting Hitched Again

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Akon Not Getting Hitched Again

      Already with five wives at the last count, turns out Akon wont be marrying the British model Rachel Ritfield after all. Turns out home girl finally came to her senses and turned the lights on…noooo i dont mean that…what I mean is she finally got the fact that Akon likes to have his cake, cookies and candy and eat it too. Wife #6 was just not an option for this chick..what made her think she was going to have him all to herself is beyond me anyway and anyway who would want him all to themselves anyway? There is a reason he has all these wives.

The Hip-Hop Court

      Turns out Remy, Busta, Weezy and Ja Rule were all up in court in Manhattan yesterday morning.Sure the lights were flashing downtown yesterday as everyone rolled through..theres gotta be a joint coming out of this..all those names in the same place at the same time…damn perfect opp for a video too…


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