Album Review: 50 Cent- War Angel LP

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50-cent-2_phixrAs the big machine known as “50 Cent” continues to roll, the person in the driver’s seat, Mr. Curtis James Jackson III himself feeds his millions and millions of fateful minions with his newest venture, the War Angel LP.

Available for free download [Click for download], most would consider the project to be a mixtape, but “Fiddy” addressed that issue by saying he went into the creative process with an “LP state of mind,” hence the “LP” label following the title.

The 11-track album contains no G-Unit members, with crooner Robin Thicke being the only one invited to the party.

Mixing his usual ingredients of mainstream and ’hood material, the war begins with ‘I Line N*ggas.

Taking on a search and destroy role, the head of the G-Unit empire talks about how he has no problem finding his enemies, their girlfriend’s place of work, and their mother’s houses.

‘Talking In Codes’ is along the same lines, but 50 Cent gets a little clever by involving the latest trend to hit the web into his onslaught:

“It’s nothin’ to it/cock a banger, then get rid of that/hit his fitted cap/he won’t get a chance to Twitter that/I’ll make the Ruger sing a song. Bullets hum to you/you better have God with you, when I come to you.”

The 50 Cent that white suburbia came to know and love comes in on radio-ready songs like ‘I’ll Do Anything,’ ‘London Girl,and the Robin Thicke-featured ‘Cocaine.

He then channels the spirit of the “Get Rich or Die Tryin’ 50 Cent” and conjures up ‘Get The Message,and ‘Redrum (Murder), (which can arguably be the strongest records on the album).

Other note-worthy songs accompanying him on the battlefield are ‘C.R.E.A.M. 2009,’ ‘Okay, Ya Right,and ‘I Gotta Win.

If the War Angel LP is any indication of what Before I Self Destruct will sound like, the safe bet will be that 50 Cent is taking a trip back in time before the 50-room mansions, and before becoming a staple on the Forbes List to fully recapture his hunger and competitiveness.

But with a few more projects lined up to drop prior to the release of his last contractual album with Aftermath/Shady Records, only time will tell…

Rating: 3.5