Album Review: Freeway & Jake One – “The Stimulus Package”

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This album is a first in many regards.  It is the first album of 2010 that has earned critical acclaim across the board. It also is the first artist/producer collaboration released on a major level not as a mixtape that came out dope. I can’t forget that the artwork for the album (See Here) is also a first and the most original I’ve ever seen.  With that said, “The Stimulus Package” should be the first album you should cop today! (really, like right now).   Freeway and Jake One created a great album by maintaining originality and a high level of production and lyrics.  They also managed to side-step most of the pitfalls of these type of albums (no focus, monotony, wack beats, etc..).

With Jake One at the helm, the beats never managed to sound stale or repetitive.  Freeway also delivers with solid lyrics  making this ‘package’ a great listen from beginning to end. There are a few outstanding collabos on here such as “Sho Nuff” with a classic verse from Bun B and “One Thing” featuring Sade’s favorite rapper Raekwon.  Even”Follow My Moves” with Birdman on there  had a great beat that fit enough to make him tolerable.  Features are definitely not the backbone of this album with other standouts like “She Makes Me Feel Alright“, “Know What I Mean” and “Never Gonna Change” where Freezer goes in on a classic off-kilter Jake One beat he made famous with De La Soul and MF Doom at the genesis of his career.

There are one or two duds on here not really worth mentioning, but no one is consistently perfect.  If you love hip-hop in any form, “The Stimulus Package” is right on time, especially since most of you will be getting your government refunds sometime soon.  Don’t waste all your money on nonsense and buy something that makes sense! (*Pimpin Ken voice*)

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Rating: 4 Mics