Blueface Isn’t Fully Clear on Who He’s Signed To

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The viral rapper went on The Breakfast Club to discuss his come-up, record deal, and more.

As Q-Tip famously said on the iconic “Check the Rhime” track, “Industry rule number four-thousand-and-eighty; Record company people are shady.” It’s true, record labels consistently structure their agendas by exploiting artists to bolster their bottomline. However, seeing as two parties knowingly and willingly engage in executing a contract, it is an artist’s responsibility to be aware of the deal terms that they agree to–or, you know, be aware which labels they are signed to.

On The Breakfast Club yesterday, exploding west coast rapper Blueface–the viral sensation home to Billboard Hot 100 hit “Thotiana”–didn’t seem too clear on his label deal specifics when DJ Envy and Charlamagne asked him about his contract and who he’s officially signed to. The two interviewers inquired if his Cash Money West deal meant that he was in direct business with Birdman, the CEO of Cash Money Records, to which he responded, “All I know is Cash Money West and Wack 100 … It could be…You gotta ask Wack about the other people involved.”

When signing an initial contract, the excitement and sheer knowledge of a respected entity assigning value to your hard work and hustle is validating, and can cloud one’s ability to dig into specifics. Blueface is a 22-year-old who, up until very recently, was an unknown aspiring artist doing whatever was necessary to get by growing up in Los Angeles. It makes sense that he took a deal placed in front of him without paying too much attention to the fine print; in his eyes, he probably saw a contract with an attractive number, and signed the dotted line.

However, as Blueface continues to navigate his career and the often unforgiving industry, we hope that he takes the time to analyze the details and equips himself with the proper representatives who have his best interests in mind.

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