Album Review: Keelay and Zaire- Ridin High

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keelay-article_phixrThe commercial realm have the tandems of Cool & Dre and The Neptunes, the hardcore Hip-Hop world can rely on the Heatmakerz, and the underground supporters can trust that the duo of Keelay & Zaire [Click here to read interview] are always going to be in their corner—and right now coming out of that corner is their latest project, Ridin High.

Enlisting the help of artists like Tash (of Tha Liks), Planet Asia, Darrien Brockington, Emilio Rojas, Phonte (of Little Brother), and Blu the “partners-n-production” lay down their trademark grooves for all MC’s involved to take full advantage of.

The ride begins with the organs sounds of ‘Cali 2 Ny’ (feat. Hassaan Mackey, Rasco, Planet Asia, and Slo Mo), the sped-up voice sampling of ‘I Used To Ride’ (feat. Fortilive and Saafir), and Funkadelic influence of ‘I’m On Swerv’ (feat. Tash of Tha Liks, Da Evangillest, and E. Jenks).

Phonte of Little Brother and Dminor bring the element of Hip-Hop and R&B to ‘Alright With Me. Behind Keelay & Zaire’s old school soulful-esque backdrop, Phonte chats a little about his significant other, “Love her down, lick her up/Tigga just can’t get enough/this groove/please don’t interrupt/don’t pause at the mall/people lookin’ like damn how that n*gga get with her.”

Keelay & Zaire keep their musical momentum going with other offerings like ‘The Times’ (feat. Blu, Fortilive, Nino Moschella), ‘Trapped’ (feat. Supastition, and Slo Mo), and the scratch-happy ‘We Made It’ (feat. Mario Dones).

Keelay & Zaire’s Ridin High may not feature the “quote-un-quote” biggest names in Hip-Hop, but as true producers, they structure their sound fit around the individuals chosen for each specific track.

In doing so, it brings out more of what they have to offer because their pieces of work aren’t overrun by self-promoters trying to make a bid for their own situation; but rather by true artists who also enjoy the purity of real Hip-Hop—and that’s always a better trade off any way you look at it.

Rating: 3.5



  1. Alright With Me is my favorite in this album. The diversity of these two have blended beats that really get audience. But i would really prefer it if they collaborate with better known artists for better airplay. This would mean that their music would be better recognized as well. They deserve it.

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