Album Review: Krumb Snatcha- Hidden Scriptures

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krumb-article1The MC roster in the state of Massachusetts might be limited, but one artist who’s been doing his best to erase that statistic is Boston mainstay Krumb Snatcha—and he’s back at it again with his latest project Hidden Scriptures.

The affiliate of the now defunct Gangstarr recruits some of the most respectable beat makers in Hip-Hop for assistance, such as Pete Rock and Large Professor who join him on his journey of anti-mainstream material.

The album kicks off with ‘The Way’ and its sampled news reports of the 9/11 attacks from 2001. After reminding people of the darkest day in American history, Krumb Snatcha gets a little more light-hearted on the horn-oriented and scratch-heavy ‘Triumph.’

Mr. Walt from the Beatminerz lends his touch on ‘Feeling,’ as Krumb Snatcha uses excerpts from Common’s ‘The Corner’ as the hook.

The Chocolate Boy Wonder mans the boards on ‘Begins,’ and Krumb Snatcha honors Pete Rock’s soulful opus with thoughtful lines like, “And mistakes now considered a lesson/I’m feelin’ like Christ in the midst of his resurrection/and them rappers say they after me/man I laughed and just took it as blasphemy.”

From there he gives the East Coast a little pep talk with the ‘East Is Back,as he references everything East Coast-related from KRS-One to Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt.

Large Professor gets his opportunity to show off his musical contribution on ‘Mind Power,and behind what sounds like electric guitar power chords, Krumb Snatcha fills in the blanks, “I’m just a builder/I read you/then I can lead you/if God’s in your mind, you don’t need a Cathedral/can’t be miserable waitin’ on miracles/of your unknown self made visible.”

Other solid songs written into the scripture are the ode to Hip-Hop in ‘L.O.V.E.,the title track ‘Hidden Scriptures,’ ‘The Light, and ‘Leavin.’’ While songs like ‘Hold It Down, and ‘Still Be Me’ could’ve been etched out before the final print.

Krumb Snatcha’s Hidden Scriptures is Hip-Hop album in the true sense of the word; no frills just straight up food for thought complimented by sound production. The only downfall is that some people might misinterpret the project as coming off too preachy of sorts with his lyrical revelations.

In this day and age where the average Hip-Hop listener has an attention span that mirrors the life expectancy of a housefly, Hidden Scriptures can either be someone’s salvation, or their crucifixion.

Rating: 3.0