Album Review: Tech N9Ne – All 6’s and 7’s

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If anyone mistakenly associated Tech N9Ne with cult leaders, it’s definitely understandable.  While in no shape, form, or fashion will he ever equivocate to the likes of Jim Jones, David Koresh, or Harold Camping, he’ll definitely go down in history as one of the biggest independent artist to topple the music industry with hordes of Technicians kneeling before him.  Even Lil Wayne couldn’t help but notice Tech’s alluring power.  With that said, the self proclaimed King of Darkness is ready to open the flood gates of Strangeland with his new album All 6’s and 7’s.

He gets started with the fist pumping, cult anthem “Technician,” and continues by making Playdough out of bars on tracks such as “World Wide Choppers,” “Am I Psycho,” and “Mental Giant.”  On “World Wide Choppers,” Tech Nina showcases he can skillfully rap with the best of ’em without hogging the limelight or squeezing it in the eyes of his fellow rap contortionists. Plus, with Mach 5 spitting veterans such as Twista, Busta Rhymes, and Yelawolf, the question of who tops who becomes irrelevant for every emcee completely decimated the record. “Am I a Psycho” is a fitfully menacing track, provided by B.o.B., for Tech N9Ne and Em’s shadowy incarnate Hospin. It even boast a shockingly (well, maybe shocking to me) hell of a verse by B.o.B.

While providing mind racing lyricism that loyalist love, Tech N9Ne shows he’s no tin man. “If I Could,” assisted by Chino Moreno and Stephen Carpenter of the Deftones, displays the pain he feels after being away from family. “Mama Nem” is a heartfelt ode to his mother, and though there are a countless number of “Dear Mamas,” this one doesn’t feel trite.  On “Cult Leader” and “Delusional” Tech addresses his alleged position as a cult leader.  On the latter, Tech addresses it in more depth rhyming, “They say I lead them to evil/ like I was Jimmy Jones and feeding the people/ not bleeding the steeple/ the reason they season me ain’t no degrees in my ego.”

Nevertheless, All 6’s and 7’s is not without its shortcomings. “You Owe Like Pookie” is painfully intolerable due to its gut wrenching production and hook.  In addition, the unappetizing “F*ck Food” looks better on paper than served considering the names attached. While T-Pain shows that he can hold his own, Tech N9Ne has Lil Wayne looking like garnish due to his subpar lyricism. Lyrics like, “I wax that a$ like a Q-Tip/ yea/, float in the p*ssy like a cruise ship/ uh/ cuz I’m a nasty motherf*cker,” are too bland and too “human” for Wayne’s otherworldly talent.  Adding to the pile of Stove Stouffer entrees are “Pornographic” and “Overtime” which both serve as interchangeable TV dinners, although both are more piquant than the unsavory “F*ck Food.”

Nevertheless, Nina does an outstanding job of providing a cohesive album, considering an impressive track list of 24 songs (25 if pre-ordered). With that said, All 6’s and 7’s manages to bridge Tech’s world and our own without causing catastrophe. Therefore, if you are a die hard Technician discouraged by Nina’s A-listing cameos, don’t be. This album was definitely engineered with Tech’s blood and sweat, and quite frankly, more blood than sweat to be considered watered down. If you’re a Tech N9Ne newb and were apprehensive about copping a Tech N9Ne album after seeing the spiky hair Samsonite, once you listen to this album you’ll find that he’s not as strange as sci-fi.  So if you do decide to join Tech’s platoon of Technicians, just know it’s by your own admission and not by Tech’s lyrically supernatural ability which gravitated you into his planet in the first place.

4 Mics out of  5 Mics


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  1. The beat selection is sick. Tech nina on steriods. I love this album as it is the first retail cd i have purchased in 2 years. Worth every penny

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