Album Sales Week Of 5/29/2012 (Travis Porter & Azealia Banks)

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There wasn’t a whole lot happening in albums sales this week, aside from the release of Travis Porter’s debut From Day 1 and Azealia Banks 1991 EP. In my eyes, the trio with the singular name, Travis Porter, came up short this week. Their name has been buzzing for nearly two years, not to mention that they’re on a major label, and only moved 14,000 units while Hoodie Allen, who is far from a hip-hop mainstay, managed to sell 27,000 copies digitally in his opening week. Maybe that’s comparing apples to oranges, but you’d think that with the RCA/Sony machine behind Travis and an abundance of promotion they would have at least cracked the 20,000 mark. I can’t say that I share the same sentiment for Azealia. Aside from the fact that she’s talked trash about so many MCs that came before her, she really hasn’t disappointed. It seemed like she rushed out this EP so the 3.5k in sales isn’t a bad look, especially since her actual music has become so overshadowed by her Twitter escapades. Anyway, I’m just looking forward to seeing who comes out on top when Big K.R.I.T. and Curren$y square off next week. Until then, drop me a line in the C-Section and let me know your predictions.


Travis Porter “From Day 1” – 14,297 (56% digital)

Azealia Banks “1991 EP” – 3,579 (100% digital)