Alia Kadir Connects On New ‘A3C Volume 9’ Track, “Speak”

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Tap in with the new Alia Kadir.

Today, the A3C Festival and iHipHop Distribution have continued the A3C Volume 9 roll out with the compilation’s latest single, “Speak” by Alia Kadir — premiered via HipHopDX.

With ears perked by the soulful sounds of yesteryear and a mind galvanized by the intrepid creators of today, Alia Kadir’s music is a composite of her eclectic influences. While she’s inspired by the likes of Curtis Mayfield, Jill Scott, and Amy Winehouse, Alia is also enamored by non-musical muses: she’s a cannabis connoisseur who is moved by the local artists of her Brooklyn hometown. On Alia’s premiere 2021 single, “Speak,” she immerses the listener into this vast creative world.

The Ethiopian-American singer’s languid voice drips like molasses, cascading over the versatile OG Sean-produced instrumental to create a spacey, eccentric soundscape. Her celestial singing anchors “Speak” in a vintage atmosphere, but the experimental, hazy elements and trap-inspired drums catapult this record into the contemporary musical realm; it’s a piece of modern art dusted with the fingerprints of her idols. 

“Speak” follows Lil Scrappy’s “Drippin” and Clever’s “Madness” as the lead A3C singles, and suggests yet another sound compilation album. With A3C Volume 9 scheduled to drop later this year, get a taste for what’s to come by listening to Alia Kadir’s “Speak” below: