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If Kanye was looking to better Wayne’s numbers he might be a little disappointed as predictions for the first week sales of 808’s and Heartbreak are looking to be around the 425-450,000 mark. Kanye who sold 967,000 copies of his last album Graduation last year has insisted however that this album really isn’t about numbers either.
Talking to No ID, the Chicago veteran who worked closely with Kanye on three of the tracks featured on the fourth album from Mr. West, the producer had this to say when I questioned if the experimental album from his friend was a goodbye to rapping like some have suggested thus implying that sales really don’t matter. “In my opinion he [Kanye] went through a lot of losses that people did see and a lot of losses people didn’t see and he is a human being. He didn’t stop, he kept touring and he kept making music and now he is having an emotional moment but we are watching. If that means he is never going to do rap again then people should have been psychiatrists [laughs] because at the end of the day it is only an album. You either like it or you don’t. People have made music life now, you know nothing else matters. You know you are this kind of person if you make this type of music. To me there is just too much talking and not enough listening.”
But sales, which were expected to be a little higher due to the Black Friday shopping day have been disappointing all round, not just for Kanye West but for rock legends Guns n Roses who released their first album in close to 17 years last week, Chinese Democracy. It is expected to sell around 260,000 according to Billboard.