Alternative Pick: New Chromeo Video!

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chromeo_fancyfootwork.jpgIf you’re unfamiliar with “electrofunk” group Chromeo, you better ask somebody. Chromeo is based out of Canada and is comprised of Dave 1 (phenomenal DJ and brother of DJ A-Trak) and P-Thugg. The two met in Canada, where they were born and raised, and founded what they call the “only successful Arab/Jew partnership since the dawn of human culture.” The duo has recently released their second album, entitled Fancy Footwork on Vice Records, which features singles “Fancy Footwork” and “Momma’s Boy.” I’ve spent quite a bit of time on the group’s MySpace, and though such a place is not always the most credible of sources for an album’s description, theirs is likely the most unique and hilarious I’ve ever read: “Chromeo, the band reborn…the sex, the beats, the dream the suits, the gloves, the laughs, the tears, the past and the future. All rolled up into one big blunt, smoked up through P’s talkbox tube and exhaled into your brain. Enjoy.” Definitely a dope album that you should pick up, and for now, check out the video for “Momma’s Boy.” Oh, and also check out the brand-new Fancy Fancier Footwork, featuring remixes and fresh material from the duo. Chromeo – “Momma’s Boy” Video