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I am sure this is the best bit of news Bow Wow has had over the last month…the mysterious husband of Karrine Steffans has actually turned out to be the not so mysterious after all Darius McCrary with whom the vixen has previously been linked. All the comments about Bow Wow were nothing but a PR stunt yet I am still trying to figure out just who actually benefited from that situation. Anyhow Superhead has openly fessed up to being married to the Family Matters star in every way possible ‘Darius and I have always been married whether it’s spiritually or legally, we’re married on both levels; legally, on paper, signed, sealed, delivered.’
Anyhow, famous last words from Eddie Winslow (taken from his interview with Sister 2 Sister at the back end of 2007)
‘The one thing I will say about Karrine that is negative that I can put out there–she admits to this–that she is a very controlling woman, and I can’t be controlled. Karrine is the type of broad that, she don’t want nobody telling her nothing. You almost have to kinda walk on eggshells when you’re dealing with her, and I ain’t no punk up in here!’