Model Chick: Anna L (Pics/Vid)

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Today we have the Laotian Sensation Anna L. This Alabama native wasnt like the usual Asian stereo type, she wasn’t shy or quiet at all!. We had a fun shoot and she was open to all my suggestions. What more can you ask for in a model?

Peep the pics below and dont miss the video where she shows off her dancing skills while talking to me about being down for one night stands, willing to get down with 2 guys at the same time and her love for Jamaican men.(If the ad audio on the side gets in the way of the vid you can mute it!).




  1. I love the way u interview the models! Your
    funny, sexy, yet down to earth. I also love that the models are all
    different shapes and sizes these days… come a long way from starving
    stick figures! 😉

  2. yall continue to dissapoint with these bust downs..i feel you goin for the realistic vibe…but these girls wouldnt even be in the top 100 @ my college. i know theres somethin better!

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