Anderson .Paak Speaks On The Current State Of Affairs On “Lockdown”

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Speaking on the ongoing police brutality and pandemic.

We’re living through troubling times. It seems like every tweet, every headline is just another tributary of bad news feeding this river of oppression; we’re seemingly wading deeper and deeper into an ocean of darkness. But with acute pain comes incredible art. Anderson .Paak has done just that by delivering his new single, “Lockdown.”

Using his nimble pen, Anderson .Paak deftly weaves these tangential harrowing narratives into a cohesive, clever — yet poignant — offering. Speaking on how the pandemic and perpetual fight for racial justice have coalesced into a special brand of shit storm, .Paak delivers his pensive two cents on the current state of affairs.

“Lockdown” is currently available in select international markets, with the full version dropping at midnight.

Hit play on the teaser below: