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Yung Berg

Looks like Young Berg just can’t catch a break. Maybe him and Soulja Boy should form a united front against all the people who are after their asses. This time for Yung Berg he took a beating outside a club in Hollywood. The person who delivered the beat down was Master P’s nephew Young Trump (SMH) and who has then gone on to admit the beat down on the internet. Now its only going to take one serious beat down and the assailants to fess up on YouTube and the cops will be knocking regardless of whether the victim presses charges or not. This boasting about beating up on someone who is not necessarily the toughest kid on the block is getting pretty wack, dudes need to grow up. This kinda behavior is not going to launch your career!!!


  1. on some real shit. his head got too big for his body (no ho mo) then you tried to go at my dude maino thinking that somebody he was talking about you. you deserve to get slapped. now somebody probably your size you wanted to bully on whooped your ass. then fucking with neo. you deserve it all.


  2. On the real son needs to chill and get money he has a lil buzz now jus make ur appearance and work on ur music YB after a while you’ll be washed up and you wont have no respect so if i was you well I cant even say that bcuz i know how to fight, but you need to take some boxing classes or karate do something this is not a good look

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