Another Dance To Master….NOT

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By: Hot Gossip Gal

      Why do these so called artists feel the need to do this and in embarrassing themselves try to do the same with kids who should be studying or something? This is straight up trash and of course you can find this BS on BET if you looking. It aired on 106 and Park the other day. 


  1. man u crazy footworkin been around since i was like 3 u can’t go to a party in chicago without seeing it this aint nothing new like the stuff u see today footing been in chicago for years and aint going nowhere no time soon ask kanye and twista. twista new song is a foot working song

  2. Yeah these artist just love selling their souls and it’s really sad that our community supports the garbage mad successful because it make us look bad. Just like Chapelle’s show and Boondocks the more we come off foolish in entertainment the more other’s enjoy it and we stand by plus support these self hating stereotype shits. These clowns just fucking Amos and Andy ass niggas! Damn I’m trapped to be just using that word we fucked.

  3. Hence why I said…another dance to master…NOT. I am very familiar that footworking has been prevalent in Chicago for a lot longer than the guaranteed life span of the artists who did this track PLUS point which you failed to miss is why commercialize something like this? with a wack track(My opinion before all y’all haters get in on it)…it is shit like this that lowers the value of Hip-Hop and projects it to people who have NO UNDERSTANDING of what this dance really emulates or where it comes from..I am sure we will see a Kanye, Common, Twista collabo with these dudes real soon won’t we? To name some Chicago MCs who have respect for footworking..nothing but a gimmick and that right there is the point I was trying to make…enjoy the weekend y’all

  4. im from chicago das a hot track das part of the juke culture get dat right go to youtube and type chicago juke also a nu twist juke song pimp like me dont b talkin bout somthin if u dont know what it is

  5. When BET was owned by Bob Johnson they wouldn’t dare show BS like this. Viacom owner of MTV,VH1 bought BET and it has gone down hill from there. I have to say Nas is correct Hip Hop is dead. If we as a people continue to support & purchase this as well as let this entertain our children I have to say we as adults have failed them.

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