Apathy Isn’t A Hater….He Just Thinks You Suck

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If you aren’t familiar with Apathy, this track will begin to enlighten you.  A founding member of the Demigodz crew, and a member of the Army of the Pharaohs, he is a respected lyricist.  He was actually signed to Atlantic for a number of years but suffered the Saigon treatment and left after realizing his album would never be released.

Apathy has problems with today’s music and has previously gone in on rappers who use Auto-tune i.e. Kanye West (You ain’t a computer, you ain’t from the future, and you ain’t got a tumor, so why you do to your voice, shit to make it sound stupider.)  Like I said, not a hater, he just thinks you suck.

In this track he goes in on a whole slew of people without actually naming names, but if you pay attention I’m sure you can pick up on a couple.  If you need references maybe check one of my articles, as I maybe think a certain someone sucks too.  This is what Apathy had to say in his own words;

“When I first started taking rapping seriously… there was a system of checks and balances, to prevent ‘wack mc’s’ from fucking up music. And if I’m sending you this mp3 right now, it’s because I respect you, and I know you know that.

Rappers/MC’s had to be nice and have skill. Now… that has been replaced with having buzz, and blogging and shit, without paying dues. Fuck that. I don’t know when it became taboo to diss wack MC’s… but that needs to be brought back.  People confused dissing rappers… with hating. And that’s crazy.”

Bump this loud and let people know you think they suck.

Apathy “We’re Gonna Kill You”



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