Apparently Black Guys Aren’t Too Gross To Do Music Collabs, Lil’ Wayne and Paris Hilton Discuss Her Sophomore Album And Bond Over Jail Time

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Apparently, Lil’ Wayne doesn’t care about a little prejudice, especially when it can earn him a few bucks. After Paris Hilton clearly stated that “Black guys are gross,” however she doesn’t find them grotesque enough to collaborate with on sophomore album.

Paris got a chance to interview Weezy for the April issue of Interview magazine and afterwards she gushed about her experience on her blog“So excited to read the interview I did with Lil’ Wayne’ in the new Interview Magazine. I really enjoyed interviewing him. He was so polite, friendly, smart and sweet. So talented and passionate with his love for music. I am such a huge fan! I Love Lil Wayne!!”

During the interview, Weezy definitely seized the chance to introduce the idea: “I was gonna ask you, how are you gonna release an album and don’t get me on it?” Paris quickly replied “Well if you would be on my album, then I would be honored.” Shortly after that came the exchange of numbers.

Besides having interest in collaborations, the two definitely have some things in common. Wayne and Paris bonded over their isolation in solitary confinement. As a safety precaution, Paris was held in solitary confinement. During the interview, she talked a little bit about that and Wayne responded, “Oh, so you know how it is.” The two shared jail stories and compared prison tattoos. Who knew they’d have so much in common?

Musically this would be an interesting pair, but Wayne is capable of a lot. I really can’t say the same for Paris, but collaborations are always an exciting topic.

It’s been a good past week for Wayne. The lap-dance expert, Nicki Minaj gave her boss a lapdance he won’t ever remember and neither will we. Check the video below.

Nicki Minaj Gives Weezy A Lapdance (YouTube)


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