Apple Bans Sexy Apps

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applesexyappAs of today, Apple has banned all “Sexy” apps from their iTunes App Store.  By “sexy,” we mean any app that shows any women in a sexual or suggestive manner.  The result of this is that multiple top apps have been banned from the app store.  It’s a bit ridiculous for Apple to make such rules now, after allowing so many sex-related apps to exist and become so popular.  What’s even more absurd is that we’re talking about girls in bikinis, and not any nudity.  The entire problem actually started with an application called Wobble, which adds a jelly-like movement to any pictures (imaginations, start running wild).  After a few women complained of the potential to degrade women, Apple banned the app along with any suggestive app to females.  Nudity isn’t even the problem, the problem is an artificial movement caused by a minor application that a small fraction of the iPhone and iPod Touch user community even knew about.  People, be warned, Apple does not want any of you to jiggle!

it seems Apple are trying to purge themselves of any questionable content before the launch of the iPad.  While this move is noble, it’s also questionable because they are allowing big names in the soft-adult industry, such as Playboy and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue to keep their apps.  I suppose they don’t want to fight the big fight with major corporations, only the really tiny ones like Wobble.