Amber Rose Bashes Kanye West For Use of Ghostwriters at LA Nightclub

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Just when you thought Amber Rose was prepared to behave amiably towards her ex-beau Kanye West, she drops a bombshell late night at a Los Angeles nightclub. After an undisclosed number of songs from the rapper/producer’s extensive catalogue were played, Amber Rose took to the mic to request the DJ, “Stop playing n*ggas I used to f*ck."

Family Drama: Benzino Recovering In Hospital After Being Shot At His Mother’s Funeral

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In all of human culture there is no event more tragic than the funeral of a loved one. It is a time where family and friends gather to pay respect to the memory of the deceased and bond together over shared loss and grief. Unfortunately, funerals are also a time where long-held feuds between family members occasionally boil over and overshadow the somber event. This is what happened this past Saturday, March 29th at a funeral held in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Wu-Tang Clan & The Million Dollar Album

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Ever since mixtapes became a prominent fixture in hip-hop in the late-90s, artists and labels have tried various methods to make the release of albums feel more momentous. There have been special editions with extra songs, collector editions and even multiple covers like with Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Nothing however comes close to how the Wu-Tang Clan is planning to distribute their forthcoming album, The Wu - Once Upon A Time In Shaolin (not to be mistaken for the Clan's forthcoming A Better Tomorrow).

Lil Wayne to Retire After “Tha Carter V”?

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In June of last year, Lil’ Wayne stopped by the set of Jimmie Kimmel Live to promote I Am Not A Human Being II. During his interview he said, "I want to retire after Tha Carter V, which I hope would be my last album." If you were hoping that he would change his mind you are in no such luck.

Cassidy, Trey Songz Respond to Nicki Minaj

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We reported over the weekend about the backlash Nicki Minaj incurred because of her choice of cover art for the song “Lookin A*s N*ggas” from her forthcoming album The Pink Print. After removing the cover art and offering an apology to the offended parties you would think Nicki was in the clear and the discussion would turn to whether her song was actually good or not. However, it appears that Young Money’s First Lady will have no such luck.