Rush Limbaugh Misses The Point Of Beyonce’s New Song

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In an attempt to be either incendiary, current, offensive, or misogynistic Rush Limbaugh decided to discuss Beyonce's new Hit-Boy produced track "Bow Down" and boy did he get it wrong.

Hypothetical Question: Why Can’t Nas Smile?

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CNN recently crowned Nas the greatest lyricist of all time. Who knows why CNN decided to throw their hat in that ring? Maybe Anderson Cooper is dating a fan of Nas. Maybe Ted Turner misses having Nas as a tennis buddy in Atlanta and is hoping that flattery will be as persuasive as Kelis’ milkshake to get him back. The most likely reason is that Nas’ lyrics just sound more like the news than anyone else's. If you enjoy listening to a sociology class lecture, and equally enjoy weaker beat selections, then Nas is the rapper for you.