Rush Limbaugh Misses The Point Of Beyonce’s New Song

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In an attempt to be either incendiary, current, offensive, or misogynistic Rush Limbaugh decided to discuss Beyonce’s new Hit-Boy produced track “Bow Down” and boy did he get it wrong.
Limbaugh’s take, or rather his intern’s take because there’s no way he listened to it, was that Beyonce was encouraging all women to “Bow Down” to their men in order to become successful. He then tip toed around saying the word “b*tch,” which was comical, explained what Destiny’s Child was, and incorrectly said that the name of her tour was the “Bow Down B*tches” Tour. He claims that she’s done a complete 180 in her stance on female empowerment, but also seems to agree with the decision.

Hate ’em or hate ’em, you have to appreciate his dedication to being an @ss.

Listen to the song here.